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How It Works

With you approved application we can offer you zero/No deposit private financed deals. If you under debt review or blacklisted feel free to apply. We add cars monthly to our database its never a loss to be on our pre-approved list as we will keep you to date on the latest additions.

We stock various model cars ranging from Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Figo, Polo Vivo, Toyota Corolla, Fiat Punto, Renault Sandero and Renault Clios. Our cars range from R4999 up depending on year model and insurance quotation.

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Our rent to own deals include the following:

License costs

(service parts only)

48 to 60 month deal

Rent to buy

We provide you as our customer peace of mind access to transport on demand.

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If you earn more than R13000.00 and from Cape Town surrounds feel free to apply.

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