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With your approved application we can offer you zero/No deposit private financed deals.

If you under debt review or blacklisted feel free to apply. We add cars monthly to our database its never a loss to be on our pre-approved list as we will keep you to date on the latest additions.

We have many A to B cheap options available including Ford Figo, Chevrolet Aveo, Renault Sandero’s, Clios etc.

Prices range between R4750 to R6499, depending on your application.

Rent to buy

We provide you as our customer peace of mind access to transport on demand.

Apply now for a no obligation pre-approval.

If you earn more than R13000.00 and from Cape Town surrounds feel free to apply.

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Frequently asked questions

We do plans between 48 to 60 Months.

We in Cape Town Southern Suburbs Kenwyn area.

Yes, depending on the plan you have. E.g. If you on a 48 month plan you get 3x services incl service parts only and 3x Annual license renewals. Similarly if you one a 60 month plan you get 4x Services and 4 x Annual license renewals.

Yes you may but only after 6 months and it may entail a fee.

Only a licensed driver can drive the car.

Contact us as we have live tracker on the car. Our tracking company has advanced methods to track and trace.

We can screen and score same day in the week days to let you know if you are approved but we like to say a maximum of 48 hrs.

This generally does not affect your application, unless you have major payment issues on previous rent to own deals or similar.

No our price is fixed throughout the term.

After your final payment and rental. The car is then placed on your name to which you will be responsible for the new licensing and registration.

Yes all deals since October 2021 will get at least 3rd party cover but we offer comprehensive cover in certain cases. (This can cause installment to fluctuate slightly at the time of taking the deal.)

The types of cars we typically Rent is for eg. 2008-2015 year models and can range from. Ford Figo, Renault Sandero, Hyundai Getz, Hyundai Atos, Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Aveo. Renault Clio and Renault Megane. and more. It depends what we purchased in for the month that will be available.

Our aim is to achieve a No Deposit deal with all our clients but this is not always possible depending in your situation. This is assessed in your application.


Fill  in one simple form and we will do the rest  


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Best Rates

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What do you Need to Qualify?

  • ID

  • Drivers license (non-neg)

  • Proof of pay

  • Proof of address but not bank statement

  • 3 months bank statement.

  • Work reference confirm place of work and or salary..(motivational)

  • Reference for car/home rental agreement or previous.(motivational)

  • Cape Town surrounds only.